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Buying a Home with a Pool

One of the wonderful things about living in upstate South Carolina is the climate. The warm weather makes outdoor activities possible for most of the year, which is good news for homeowners with a pool. For those looking at Greenville, SC real estate, a home with a pool can be a great investment. But if you’ve never owned a property with a pool before, how do you know what to look for?

Here are the most important things to consider when searching for Greenville homes with a pool:

What types of pools are available?

In-ground pools come in three basic types: gunite (concrete), vinyl-lined, or fiberglass. Gunite pools are the most desirable and the most customizable. They’re incredibly durable and therefore the most expensive. A concrete pool can last 50-100 years or more with proper maintenance. Fiberglass pools are comprised of a single-piece fiberglass unit installed in the ground. Vinyl pools are made of a vinyl liner installed over a framework.

Should I consider having a pool built or buy a home that already has one?

The cost of having a new, in-ground pool installed begins around $50,000 and increases depending on the type, shape, and features of the pool. A basic pool will cost far less than a complex one with options such as a waterfall, beach entry, infinity edge, or other features. Installation is, of course, dependent on having enough space and an appropriate site for digging, which is not always simple to determine when first viewing a property. Homeowners must consider lot lines, utilities, HOA restrictions, and safety regulations, among other aspects of having a pool installed. For avid swimmers, the cost can be entirely worth it.
A property with an existing pool, however, relieves you of those decisions. The upfront planning and cost of installation is already done. Home buyers considering a home with an existing pool just need to do their due diligence and have a pool inspection to determine if the pool is in good repair and ready to enjoy. A reputable pool inspector will evaluate every aspect of the pool and provide a comprehensive report on its condition.
As for the ongoing cost, pools are high-maintenance and require a time commitment by the homeowner or routine service by a paid provider. Pools need weekly or bi-weekly cleanings, water chemistry tests, maintenance of parts and accessories, and intermittent upkeep such as replastering (for concrete) or liner replacement (for vinyl).

Will the pool be worth it?

The idea of a pool can be very appealing when you imagine the summer fun you’ll have by its side. However, it is important to ask yourself how often it will be used in reality. If you’re very buys and rarely home to enjoy it, the costs may outweigh the benefit. Likewise, if you live in a neighborhood that has a large pool where everyone hangs out, you or your family members might prefer spending time at the neighborhood pool for social reasons. If you’re an avid lap simmer and your home pool is too short to swim laps, it might see infrequent use in favor of the gym pool. If, however, you love relaxing in the pool on your own property and will use it often, a pool is a must-have when real estate shopping. Luckily, houses in Greenville with pools are common, and we’ve got the weather to enjoy them!

How can your realtor help?

A knowledgeable Realtor® will know the best company to contact for a pool inspection, installation, or repair; can educate you about neighborhood and local rules and regulations; and can help you decide if a home pool is the right choice for you. Stephanie Burger has a list of vetted companies you can trust, and as someone who has owned a pool, she knows all of the important details! Call her today to connect. 


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