The Best Pizza in Greenville, SC

The Best Pizza in Greenville, SC

Few things are as universally beloved as pizza, and the winner of the "best pizza in Greenville" title is hotly debated. It all depends on what you like, what you're in the mood for, who's hungry, and how you get it. This time of year, with football gatherings, busy weeknights, Halloween parties, sleepovers, and other social engagements, pizza is often the answer to the question, "What's for dinner?" So where can you find the best pizza in Greenville? Spoiler alert: there's no one right answer.   

Let’s take a look at a few of the top contenders. Anyone can find the national chains, so we’re going to focus on where to get locally-owned and unique pizza in Greenville. 

The first thing you have to ask yourself is, “What kind of pizza do I want?” No matter what you’re craving, you can find it great pizza in Greenville. From gourmet stone-fired pies to your friendly neighborhood takeout spot, Greenville pizza places offer plenty of choice. 

Myles Pizza Pub offers unique signature pizzas that the owners have honed over decades. We’re talking homemade sauce and dough! Grab a fork and loosen your belt, because you’re in for an indulgence! 

Looking for New York style pizza? Don’t worry. This may be South Carolina, but you can still find the “real deal” in these parts. Tito’s has been serving up NY style pizza in Greenville for years and is a well-known fave. More recently, The Slice in Simpsonville has developed a loyal following. But Greer cannot be left out of the discussion, because it is home to DellaVenturas. NY style pizza is arguably the most popular, and there are so many local choices. Why not try them all?

Those seeking custom options, such as gluten-free crust or vegan choices, have several Greenville pizza places from which to choose. Sidewall Pizza is a fan favorite and has four convenient locations; there’s a Sidewall pizza close to everyone. D’Allesandro’s also offers vegan and GF menu items. Other vendors may cater to specialized dietary needs; just ask in advance. 

If wood-fired is your pizza of choice, Coastal Crust has you covered. Charred and crispy, this pizza has a fierce following.

Walking around downtown? Grab a slice at Antonino Bertolo’s

Local Pie is a food truck that can be found at Greenville watering holes such as Community Tap and Grateful Brew, among other locations around town. A great option when you’re enjoying a frosty beverage and good company. 

As you can see, there’s no shortage of great pizza in Greenville. This list includes just a few, too. Get out and explore. You might find a hidden gem that’s your new favorite spot.   


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