What is the Real Cost of Living in Greer?

What is the Real Cost of Living in Greer?

With the sprawling and stunning Blue Ridge Mountains as its backdrop, Greer, SC, is a flourishing and endearing city boasting high-end, luxury amenities. The charming historic downtown, with its landmark clock tower, adorable boutiques, and fine dining, attracts area residents and visitors alike. With the opening of the BMW plant and the Inland Port Greer, Greer's economy certainly got a boost.
However, the city has diligently worked to keep its historical nature intact. The Greer Station, named for the land's owner, is home to the central historic district and reflects the city's origins as a railroad flag station. As a dining, shopping, and entertainment destination, Greer Station makes for an inviting, pedestrian-focused area perfect for festivals and other community events.
Of course, outdoor adventures are always close, thanks to Greer's phenomenal location near the Blue Ridge Mountains. Explore beautiful mountain vistas, sparkling waterfalls, and pristine lakes, all easily accessible while enjoying an attractive cost of living in Greer. Below, we explore the real cost of living in Greer.

Greer housing and home purchase prices

The median sales price of Greer real estate is $309,000. This increase of 24.6% since March 2022 indicates that Greer is still experiencing a seller's market. As of February 2023, 200 homes were on the market.
However, March 2023 saw a significant bump in inventory, with 294 homes hitting the market for an increase of 47%. Additionally, compared to February 2023, more homes are being sold now. In February 2023, sellers sold only 16 homes. March 2023 saw 71 homes sell, an increase of 343.8%. This is great news for those who have been looking to purchase a home in Greer.
Interestingly, approximately 50% of the homes sold in Greer sold below the asking price. Homes are on trend to take longer to sell than last year. In March 2022, homes in Greer sold in just four days. In March 2023, homes took an average of 42 days to sell.

Cost of utilities in Greer

While Greer is located in South Carolina and does experience hot and humid weather, particularly in the summer months, utilities are running approximately $168 for an average family. Utilities include electricity, gas, and water.

Food costs and eating out in Greer

Food costs have increased across the country, and Greer is no exception. With the popularity of dining out, especially post-pandemic, the food culture in Greer is going through a prosperous era. While restaurant meals vary widely from a fast-food hamburger to a steakhouse extravaganza, the typical meal price for two people at a mid-range restaurant with a three-course meal averages about $60. The meal cost in Greer is quite a savings compared to Washington, D.C., which sits at $100.
Grocery bills tend to be lower than in other parts of the country. For example, a gallon of milk is approximately $1.94 in Greer compared to $3.27 in San Francisco. Percentage-wise, this equates to about 24% lower than food costs in San Francisco.

Cost of getting around Greer

Transportation is an essential factor when looking at cost of living. Public transportation is limited in Greer, with most residents relying on their vehicles to get around town. Fortunately, gas prices in Greer tend to trend lower than the nationwide average and lower than in more pricey parts of the country, such as California. Compared to about $5 a gallon for gas in California, Greer runs $2.96 to $3.43 per gallon.
The downtown area of Greer is highly walkable. The city has made a concerted effort to keep the site pristine and enjoyable for pedestrians. At Greer Station, limited automobile traffic is allowed, with several areas open to only pedestrians. Several paved walking trails are present in Greer, such as Greer City Park, where a curved archway leads to an open boardwalk lined with streetlights and benches and culminates with a stately fountain.
Rideshare services are also available in Greer to get around town. Prices are reasonable, with a ride to the airport from downtown Greer running approximately $13-$20.
When heading out of town, getting to the Greenville Spartanburg International Airport is easy, just a 10-minute drive from Greer. As the second-busiest airport in South Carolina, it serves millions of passengers a year and provides ground transportation, rental cars, shuttles, and dining and shopping options for its visitors.

Greer salary information

The United States of America as a whole experienced an increase in employment of 4.3% through September 2022. In South Carolina, the seven largest counties in the state saw employment gains from September 2021 to September 2022, with Greenville County increasing employment by 4.6%. As of September 2022, the number of jobs in Greenville County was the highest in the state at 289,000.
The minimum wage in Greer is currently $7.25 per hour, with an increase last seen in 2008. This rate is the same as the Federal Minimum Wage rate and applies to almost all workers in the state except for some student workers, employees receiving tips, and other exempt jobs. The state government does not have a specific minimum wage law and refers only to the Federal Minimum Wage rate for setting its rate.
The average employee in the Greer area brings home approximately $58,568 after taxes. There are several industries in Greer where salaries are generous and include health care and other benefits. High-paying jobs, such as data analyst, business analyst, and financial analyst, are some of the opportunities available in Greer.

Time to find your next home in Greer

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